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Community Outreach Committee

Chairman: Kathy Benson

Debbie Clatterbuck

River Club Community Organization (RCCO) is pleased to announce a new “Helping Hands” program.  The mission of the “Helping Hands” program is to support RCCO’s objective of enhancing the quality of living at River Club by providing residents with assistance at times of special needs.  Let’s face it…we’re living in an aging community and we may all need some help at one time or another.  



RCCO “Helping Hands”

The “Helping Hands” Volunteer Team will be administered by Kathy Benson with support from Debbie Clatterbuck and a team of volunteers.  Requests should be made between the hours of 9am – 6pm.  All requests will be tracked to ensure they are handled in a timely manner and that you are getting the support you need.


In order to take advantage of this program, please become a member of RCCO.  Applications are available from the security guard at the front gate of River Club if you are not currently a member.  There is a $20 annual application fee, however, this fee includes many benefits to the community – now, including “Helping Hands”.  

For more information or to make a request for assistance, please contact Kathy Benson at 336-409-0443 or email your request to RCCOHelp@gmail.com. If you call and get voice mail, please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  

“Helping Hands” is here for you…that’s what neighbors and friends are for!  

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