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River Club was developed by a number of different developers that put in place Covenants and Restrictions for each community in River Club that they developed.

ALL of River Club is under the Litchfield by the Sea Covenants. In trying to understand what these Covenants and Restrictions are for your property in River Club, you need to look at more than one set of Covenants and Restrictions.

When in doubt please check with the ARB or Waccamaw Management property manager for River Club.

There is a hierarchy which is a follows:

LITCHFIELD BY THE SEA---ALL properties in River Club must follow these guidelines

A. River Club Covenants-Cover all River Club properties, except  B,C,D and E


B. Carrington Point Covenants

C. Tall Pines Covenants

D. Magnolia Run Covenants

E. Emerald Green Covenants

In addition to these Covenants and Restrictions, please remember to check with the ARB (see ARB guidelines) when making any changes to the outside of your property.

These Covenants and Restrictions and ARB guidelines are in place to protect ALL property owners.  

NOTE: Old Pointe is made up of Old Pointe Road, Wexford,
       Old Carriage, Millbranch and 675 and 707 on Club Circle.

LBTS Covenants Carrington Point Covenants Tall Pines Covenants Magnolia Run Master Deed Emerald Greens Pages 10 & 18 Emerald Greens Master Deed