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The front gate at river club is equipped with a telephone access system that can be used when the guards may not be there and to provide access for friends or family.

As you drive up towards the guard house you will see a reader on your left just before the guard house. To use this reader, you must have your name and four-digit number registered and once this is done it works this way:


1. You can scan the system for your name and once you see it, press the call button and it will ring on the phone you have registered (either a land line or cell phone). When the phone rings, you can talk to the person at the gate and if you want them to enter press 9 and the gate will open. (your four digit number will also be shown with your name)

2. The other option is to have your guest press the four-digit number that you have pre registered and the gate will open. It is suggested that you only give this number to friends or relatives that you would want to have enter river club even if you were not there.


If you would like to take advantage of this access method, you must complete the form below and return it to Litchfield by the sea community association, Inc. PO Box 2308, Pawleys Island SC 29585 or drop off at the Waccamaw Management Office on Maintenance Road.

Gate Entry Form